2021 Fall Hairstyle Trends

Easy Fall Hairstyles

Fall is a great time to change up your style. Rather than go through your wardrobe, mix up your hair instead. We’ve compiled a few easy fall hairstyles we think are perfect for the season. Don’t worry, there’s nothing crazy. We prioritized hairstyles that not only require little maintenance, but also display tons of texture. Our stylists particularly love bobs, lobs, wolf cuts, perms, and undercuts.


Bobs and Lobs

Bobs are cut at the chin line, and lobs (long bobs) are cut anywhere between the chin and the collarbone. Short cuts like these are great because they give your hair more volume, are easy to maintain, and are endlessly versatile. This combination makes it one of our favorite trending hairstyles for girls.


The Wolf Cut

What started as a summer social media trend has evolved into a style. Part shag, part mullet, and part “I woke up like this,” the wolf cut is a low-maintenance, hard-working, ultra-edgy haircut that both men and women have embraced.


They may not be as obvious as say, Justin Timberlake’s circa the late 90’s or Julia Roberts’ in Pretty Woman, but perms are making a comeback and not just as tight ringlets. Perms can be hot or cold, spiral or straight, body wave, beach wave—there are a lot of options for different hair types and lengths.   



This is another hairstyle that is wildly versatile. Undercuts feature very short or shaved hair on the back and sides of the head while leaving longer hair on top. You can personalize this cut with different colors, shaving different patterns on the back and/or sides of your head, experiment parting your hair differently, or keep the longer hair much longer. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, this is the style for you.



Color can be another easy change to bring in the season. With a touch of color, any easy hairstyle becomes an easy fall hairstyle. You don’t have to change the way you cut or style, the addition of color will do all the heavy lifting. To match the season, we recommend working in autumn tones like brown and red.


Staying Fresh

We hope you leave feeling inspired by some of these trending hairstyles for girls. And if you need any help, Arbor Hair Studio has a few tricks up its sleeve. Set up an appointment with one of our stylists today to get your new fall ‘do.

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