Celebrating Arbor Day

We are quickly approaching Arbor Day on Friday, April 30, and it’s an important day here at Arbor Hair Studio! After all, it influenced the naming of the salon! On Arbor Day, we are all encouraged to spend some time outside planting trees. However, the importance of the secular holiday goes much deeper than simply planting trees.

The History of Arbor Day

The first Arbor Day was held in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. An estimated 1 million trees were planted. It was named a legal state holiday in 1885 and eventually other states began to catch on, making Arbor Day a state holiday across the nation. In schools, kids were taught the importance of planting trees.

Why is Arbor Day Important?

Arbor Day is celebrated a little differently by everyone, but the main purpose of the holiday is to plant trees. Some groups of people choose to not only get a group together to plant a bunch of trees, but to also pick-up litter in their communities. Others follow traditions like planting a tree on Arbor Day in honor of a loved one.

While Arbor Day began in Nebraska due to the government officials’ love of trees, it has morphed into much more than that. Planting trees on Arbor Day is a way to invest in our future by planting for a greener tomorrow. Trees are necessary for life; they clean our air and protect our water. They’re also beautiful. So, when we lose our trees—whether it’s due to deforestation or a natural disaster—we feel the impact. That’s why it’s important to keep planting trees and taking care of them.

Arbor Hair Studio

It’s no surprise that we were inspired by Arbor Day and the beauty of trees when we named the salon. We love the planet and we place high value on our environmental responsibility. At the same time, we recognize the hair industry can be wasteful. That’s why, as part of our holistic approach to hair care, we partner with businesses like Kevin Murphy and Green Circle Salons. As a partner to Green Circle Salons, sustainability is a top priority here. Together, we are able to recycle and recover a majority of our beauty waste. We send what some other salons would consider waste—like hair clippings, excess hair color, and used foils—to Green Circle Salons, where it is diverted from landfills and instead composted or used to make new products and produce energy.

At Arbor Hair Studio, we recognize that the products you use, the food you eat, and the quality of your water all play a role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Our holistic practices and products are curated with that in mind. We want to make you feel beautiful in the healthiest way possible. You can check out our services here.

And don’t forget to get outside to plant those trees!

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