The Best Haircuts for Naturally Curly Hair

Woman with curly hair outside, happy.

For those with curly hair, sometimes the struggle seems endless. Your curls will do what they want—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The solution to your curly hair struggles isn’t always finding a product that “tames” your curls. Sometimes, the key is finding a haircut that flatters your face and flaunts your curls. If you’re searching for your new favorite style, try one of these haircuts that are perfect for naturally curly hair.

Shoulder-Length Cut

The shoulder-length cut works best for those with dense curls and loose waves. The versatile cut allows the curls to accentuate the face, and it gives you enough length that you can still experiment with updos or tie your hair back. Though it may require extra layering to avoid the triangle-shaped haircut, it’s worth it.

Curly Bob

People with naturally curly hair often balk at the idea of a big chop. Understandably so—apprehensions often come from poor experiences with stylists who don’t know how to cut curly hair.

However, when done right, different styles of bobs suit curly hair well. Bob cuts can help emphasize or soften facial features. For example: a curly bob with bangs balances longer faces or larger foreheads, while an asymmetrical bob balances wide faces. Once again, for a thick-curled bob, you’ll need plenty of layers to discourage triangular hair.

Pixie Cut

If you’re not scared of going short, why not go even shorter? Pixie cuts are a great way to show off your natural volume with a messy, tousled style. They’re low maintenance while still offering the versatility to look chic and sophisticated during a night out. If you have thick hair, make sure your stylist adds plenty of texture to counteract bulkiness.

While short hair may cut down on your daily hair routine, you’ll need to visit the salon more often to maintain the length. However, curly hair tends to be more forgiving if you let it grow a little too long.

The Wolf Cut

If you’ve read our post on the top hairstyle trends of 2021, you know the mullet is back in a new, edgy form: the wolf cut. The wolf cut works best for people with naturally curly hair, as their natural volume helps accentuate the heavily layered cut. If you’re looking to get that chic bedhead look without the hours of styling, the wolf cut may be the answer to your prayers.

And, hey, if you’re reading this as a stick-straight-haired person, don’t worry. You can get in on the wolf cut trend, too. You’ll just need to spend a bit more time styling or invest in a perm.

Feeling inspired? The team at Arbor Hair Studio can help you find your new favorite cut for your naturally curly hair. Visit us online or at our Waite Park location to make an appointment.

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